Between the Lines: AutoWeek on the Cadillac STS-V

What is it with AutoWeek and Cadillac? After giving the new DTS a free pass, the weekly car mag French kisses Cadillac s performance-tuned luxobarge, the STS-V. Promises Kept the cover headline proudly proclaims. For years GM said it would battle BMW s Best. Now it Does. The eagle-eyed lawyerly-types amongst you will… » 12/02/05 12:25pm 12/02/05 12:25pm

Between The Lines: USA Today's Love Hate Affair with the Dodge Ram Mega…

Normally, we read James Healey's car reviews in USA Today to watch him struggle to take a crap car out for a positive spin. This time out, it's the other way 'round: Healey is trying to hate a vehicle he loves. It's all about the anti-gas guzzler temper of our times, and the fact that the new Dodge Ram Mega Cab is… » 9/30/05 1:05pm 9/30/05 1:05pm

Another Plug for Electric Cars

They don't call the New York Times the Gray Lady for Nothing. We suspect the newspaper's copy editors invented the phrase "dull but worthy" — and then went back into creative hibernation. So when we encountered "Electric Cars are Still Showing A Pulse" (almost as much of a groaner as our headline), we were prepared… » 9/30/05 12:26pm 9/30/05 12:26pm

Get a Life: Every Car in Every Movie Ever Made

There comes a moment in every car geek's life when he or she realizes they know far too much about automobiles. We experienced our moment of auto-actualization during Top Gear, when we could identify obscure vehicles from a glimpse of a swage line or fender crease. I imagine the anal rentents who assembled this… » 9/27/05 9:41pm 9/27/05 9:41pm

Technobeat : Big Brother/Safety Confab Down Under

"Speeding fines could be a thing of the past" proclaims Australia's Sunday Mail. All you have to do is drive a car that interfaces with street signs that "talk" to your car and "order it" to slow down. Oh, that's OK then. Well it is for the 200 or so delegates attending the Smart Demo 2005 conference on "Intelligent… » 9/27/05 5:05am 9/27/05 5:05am

Between The Lines: AutoWeek Gums the BMW 545i

We never fail to be amused by automobile magazines and websites that struggle to maintain a critical edge without offending current or potential advertisers. This time out, AutoWeek's Bob Gritzinger is charged with the delicate task of telling the world that the 545i sucks, without telling them it sucks. In "weDrive… » 9/26/05 1:05pm 9/26/05 1:05pm

Front Line: Will the Porsche Cayman Steal Sales from the 911?

We turn to Kirk Stingle, uber-salesman for Inskip Porsche of Rhode Island. According to Captain Kirk, the Cayman is not a 911-killer. "A buyer who goes for a new 911 buys it to say he's got a 911. From an ego standpoint, he's got to have the best of the best." Even so, Kirk admits the Cayman's got a lot of people… » 9/26/05 10:36am 9/26/05 10:36am

Mercedes Bullet-Proof Build Is Back... Ya Think?

Mercedes-Benz has sorted-out its quality control problems. Warranty claims are down, customers are blissful and JD Power will soon be blowing kisses from behind the bike shed. Welcome to the world according to Paul Halata. AutoWeek reports that the CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA is feeling pretty positive about his brand… » 9/20/05 5:25pm 9/20/05 5:25pm